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Official CyberHorse WhitePaper, last updated on jan 20, 2024


In a world dominated by cutting-edge technology, where humans had banned the use of animals, horse racing persisted in an unusual manner. Visionary scientists created robots in the form of horses, equipped with piercing wings. These mechanical horses not only reignited the flame of competition but also elevated the level of racing to unprecedented heights.

In the underworld of betting, the metallic sheen and precision of the robotized horses became the new sensation. Enthusiasts and bettors delighted in the speed and strength of these incredible machines, investing fortunes in electronic races. Money flowed in astronomical amounts as the metal horses glided down the track, pushing the boundaries of what was possible for an artificial creation.

To participate in CyberHorse you must purchase NFTs that allow you to be part of the ecosystem and access the entire Game Metaverse. Choose your CyberRace and make Races to earn tokens of our game.

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